​Why Us, The Choice is Obvious

  • ​Over 30 years service in local community 
  • Thousands of local customers
  • We will match or beat any reputable competitors price
  • ​Never had a complaint with the BBB or and other consumer protection agency
  • Licensed, insured and all employees are back ground checked
  • Endorsed by Home Depot, Angies List, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore
  • Free in home needs assessment
  • Color consultation
  • Detailed Proposal
  • References / Credentials
  • Expert Preparation and Masking
  • Expert Painting
  • Post-Paint Cleaning
  • Client Inspection
  • 100% financing
  • ​10 year non-mildew return guarantee
  • Will trade or barter our services for a commodity or service we need​

Start to Finish Guarantee

Our professional etiquette  guarantee  insures 

that  all  professionals should follow these 

guidelines while working on your home.

  1. 225 House Painting will start  your project and stay working until its completion before starting any more  new work. The labor and painters appropriated for your project will not be  taken off your job to start any new jobs until we have completed your project  to your satisfaction.  
  2. When washing your home or business in preparation for painting, we will  not damage your windows, your siding or trim or do damage to the interior  flooring, hard wood floors, carpeting or anything else around or inside your  home.  
  3. We will not trample or destroy your flower beds, landscaping, trees or any  other property around your home in any way.
  4. We will cover everything before we begin to paint. Professionals use plenty  of drop cloths. 
  5. We will not get paint or caulking on your roof, landscaping or concrete or  any other part of your home except for what we are painting.
  6. We will not play any loud or disturbing music while working on your home.
  7. No  worker  will  use  any  profanity  around  your  home.  We  hve  a  zero  tolerance  policy,  Any  employee  using  profanity  will  be  immediately  terminated.  
  8. Our employees will conduct themselves respectfully and professionally at all  times while working on your premises and around your family.  
  9. Our employees will always be dressed professionally while working on your  premises. 
  10. All of our employees are American Citizens who are drug tested and  background checked. We will not compromise your personal security by  having anyone that is not 100% checked out.
  11. The work area will be policed for trash daily and equipment put away  following our workday.
  12. Our employees will leave your premises when they have to use the rest  room. 

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225 Painting started out as American Contractors back in 1974, partners John DeAngelo and Dominic Scabeta did vinyl siding, painting and home remodeling.  Since then a lot has changed.

Over 25 years ago, John relocated to Baton Rouge and continued doing painting and vinyl siding. We have since discontinued installing vinyl siding and focused entirely on high quality interior and exterior painting. 

We support our great state of Louisiana, the United States of America by re-investing all of our financial resources right back here in our local community.  We believe that all true patriotic Americans can and should support our country by keeping American dollars in our country and local economy. 

Believe it or not, over 100 Billion American dollars leave our economy each year and is sent back to Mexico via foreign workers.  Most have no interest in love or loyalty for our great country.  Buy American and use American labor if you can because it keeps America strong.